Why is My Vehicle Slow to Accelerate?

Why is My Vehicle Slow to Accelerate?

There's nothing more frustrating than pushing on the gas pedal, only for your vehicle to accelerate in slow motion. You see, children cross the street faster than your car can accelerate from a complete stop. While this is pretty annoying, it can also cause traffic to back up. If you need to pick up speed on an interstate or drive up-hill, it can be dangerous. A slow acceleration doesn't necessarily mean that something is wrong with the engine, but a component may be malfunctioning. Below are a few common reasons your vehicle may not be accelerating properly:   The Fuel Filter Is Dirty. Your fuel will not be able to adequately past through to the engine if the filter is clogged with dirt or debris. This is a simple fix and usually requires a new filter.  There's a problem with the oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor tracks the air to fuel ratio to determine how much fuel is needed in the internal combustion chamber. If the oxy ... read more

Driver Etiquette 101

As you're driving past the intersection, another driver cuts you off and gives you the finger. Of course, you don't allow it to ruin your day. Their attitude has nothing to do with you. Or maybe today you got some bad news, so this puts a sour taste in your mouth. Is your driving that bad, or have drivers become less friendly over time? As new drivers, when we learn the rules of the road, most do not receive a lesson on driving etiquette. Switching lanes, speed limits, and driving in the rain are aspects of driving you can learn from books. The moment new drivers get on the road, they seem to equate their newfound independence with ego, forgetting to be kind to other drivers. Below are some tips on how to practice polite driving etiquette while on the road.  Stay alert and pay attention. We may not need additional reminders that distracted driving is dangerous, but it's also not polite. Pay attention to what's happening on the road. For example, try not to be the ... read more

What Does it Mean for a Technician to be ASE Certified?

We are excited to offer highly skilled ASE certified technicians, so we display this proudly on our website. It takes much time and dedicated study for a mechanic to gain this certification, making it a significant professional accomplishment. What does the ASE certification mean for you when looking for a mechanic for your vehicle? And why is it important? ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence and has been a nationally recognized credential since 1972. It is an independent non-profit organization whose original mission has been to improve the quality of vehicle repair and workmanship with testing and certifications. There are various programs to choose from for automotive schooling, but ASE holds the most prestige as a gold standard. Choosing who repairs and services your vehicle is an important decision. Many automotive shops will only require that their technicians have a high school diploma, an ASE certification is optional. ASE Certifications require a test and least two ... read more