Why is My Vehicle Slow to Accelerate?

There's nothing more frustrating than pushing on the gas pedal, only for your vehicle to accelerate in slow motion. You see, children cross the street faster than your car can accelerate from a complete stop. While this is pretty annoying, it can also cause traffic to back up. If you need to pick up speed on an interstate or drive up-hill, it can be dangerous. A slow acceleration doesn't necessarily mean that something is wrong with the engine, but a component may be malfunctioning. Below are a few common reasons your vehicle may not be accelerating properly:  

The Fuel Filter Is Dirty.
Your fuel will not be able to adequately past through to the engine if the filter is clogged with dirt or debris. This is a simple fix and usually requires a new filter. 

There's a problem with the oxygen sensor.
The oxygen sensor tracks the air to fuel ratio to determine how much fuel is needed in the internal combustion chamber. If the oxygen sensor is malfunctioning, the correct amount of fuel will not get burned in the combustion process. This will ultimately lead to acceleration being slowed.  

The timing belt is bad.
The timing belt needs to be in good condition to power your vehicle adequately. All it takes is one tooth to be out of place to cause an issue with acceleration. If there is severe damage, your car may need a replacement, so it's crucial to have it evaluated by an expert. 

The Catalytic Converter has failed.
The catalytic converter ensures an appropriate amount of exhaust is removed from the engine. If this fails, back pressure can accumulate and prevent the oil's ability to flow adequately. The engine will eventually overheat and lose power, in addition to slowing acceleration.  

There's an airflow meter issue/ECU.
As air flows into your vehicle's air intake cleaner, the attached airflow meter calculates the air's mass. It then relays this information to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). If there's a problem with the airflow meter, the wrong information may be displayed; leading to a decrease in acceleration. 

If you notice that your vehicle is struggling to accelerate, bring your vehicle into Mazur's Total Automotive in Howell, MI. We'd be happy to help your vehicle safely pick up speed.