What are the Benefits of a Radiator Flush?

Have you been suspecting that your car engine is heating up unusually, and you're wondering what could be wrong? Overheating could indicate that your car's cooling system needs a checkup. A radiator flush swiftly reverses any defect in the cooling system.


A radiator flush is a procedure that involves cleaning the car's radiator by removing the coolant, cleansing it with water, and finally replenishing it with fresh coolant. Below are six advantages of a radiator flush to your car.


Removes Rust and Scaling

A radiator flush washes away rust and deposits that accumulate over time and clog the engine system. A clogged cooling system causes issues such as overheating and destruction of the radiator.


Promotes Cooling and Boosts Heat Transfer

Radiator flushes facilitate and enhance the cooling of your car's engine. Additionally, a radiator flush is vital in regaining your car's heat transferring ability.


Prevents Coolant Foaming

Coolant foaming occurs when there is contamination in the coolant. A radiator flush is an effective way of removing that contamination.


Greases Water Pump

A radiator flush also helps oil your car's water pump via the chemicals in the fresh coolant, which significantly enhances the pump's life span. It ensures that the pump is always moving swiftly.


Protection from Rust and Foam

Moreover, the fresh coolant has additives that assist in protecting against an accumulation of rust and foam. Through reducing foaming, your car's radiator is subsequently in good shape to perform efficiently.


Inspection of System

Going for a radiator flush allows your car to have an entire inspection of its cooling system. This includes conducting pressure tests to look for leaks which helps avoid problems in the long run.


How Often You Should Flush Your Radiator

Taking your cars to the garage should be as important as attending your regular checkups in the hospital. It is recommended to have a radiator flush done on your car at least once every year. Still, it is vital to check your car's user manual instructions since radiator flush methods vary from car to car.


Furthermore, a radiator flush will ensure your car's cooling system is always in optimal working condition. If you need a radiator flush, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Mazur's Total Automotive today!