What Does A Blue Engine Coolant Temperature Light Indicate?

At one time or another, every car owner has noticed a light flashing on the dashboard and had no idea what it means or what is happening with his or her car. Well, while each of these lights points to specific issues, some are more crucial than others. All the same, knowing exactly what each light means will save you preventable downtimes as well as costly damages.

Also known as the Coolant Temperature Low Indication Light, the blue light on your dashboard indicates that coolant temperature is extremely low. Once you turn the ignition key, the warning light illuminates for one to two minutes (until the engine is at optimal operative temperature) then goes off automatically. If it's one of those chilly winter mornings, the engine might longer to warm up, and the light equally takes longer to go out. However, if the blue light does not go out even after startup, it might be a red flag that there is a problem with the coolant temperature or its fluid level.

Is it Safe to Drive while the Coolant Temperature Warning Light is On?

While most car owners tend to ignore the blue light, they risk causing significant damage to the car engine. When this light comes on when you are driving, you should pull over immediately and contact a certified technician. They will run thorough diagnostics to identify the main problem then provide the necessary repair or maintenance services.

Remember that a low coolant level indicates a potential leak which a certified mechanic must address immediately. Otherwise, your engine will overheat, leading to major and irreversible damages, which are costly to repair. Once the light finally goes off, you should take your car on a test drive, as the warning light will automatically light up again if the problem has not been fixed.

If you are unsure of what a warning light appearing on your dashboard indicates, you can consult your car's owner manual. All the same, proper diagnostics from a professional technician will help you avoid unnecessary repairs. If you need vehicle service, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!