What to Do When the Power Steering Warning Light Comes On

The power steering system warning light simply means that your vehicle is dealing with a problem that has disabled your power steering system. When this warning signal suddenly comes on, the first thing you should remember is to not panic. Before we can recommend what you should do, here is some background info you should know about the power steering light.

The power steering warning light is often depicted with an exclamation point with a steering wheel shape. It can be red or yellow. To get rid of the light, you will need to pinpoint what is causing the issue and resolve the problem. 

When this light appears, you should not continue driving. We recommend pulling over to a safe location. Next, you will need to know what type of power steering system you have. There are two main types:

  • Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering System - The system is run dependent on power steering fluid. When the light comes on, it most likely means that your vehicle is low on the solution. A temporary solution is to refill or top it off to restore your assisted steering. However, you should also have an automotive professional inspect for a leak. Otherwise, the light may come on again.
  • Electric Power Assisted Steering System - In this case, we may have to look in the vehicle’s computer to identify the trigger. It will require computer diagnostics and some digging.

It is not safe for you to drive with the power steering light illuminated. You may notice that your steering wheel is harder to turn, and it will take a lot of power to move the wheels of your vehicle in the slightest. Avoid a crash, and simply wait to have the issue repaired.

If you need a power steering repair or power steering fluid flush, please call or visit Mazur’s Total Automotive soon.