3 Signs It’s Time for A Brake Service

Modern vehicles are equipped with numerous safety features such as seat belts and airbags. There are even rear-view cameras that can make blind spots more visible while you’re backing up. However, there is one safety feature that is more important than the others – the brake system. A healthy brake system ensures your vehicle can stop precisely when you need them to. The moment you notice any impact in performance, have your brakes inspected right away. Strong brake performance can potentially save a life, so drivers need to recognize the signs of brake trouble. Below are three common brake symptoms that indicate it’s time to schedule a service. 

Unusual Sounds
One of the first signs of brake trouble is a loud squealing or grinding noise. Most drivers may notice these sounds when they’re slowing down or backing up. Your brakes are designed to inform you when they’re starting to wear. If the brake pads have worn down to the metal, the friction between the two metal parts can become noisy and distracting. Healthy brake pads will not grind or squeak, so it’s essential to have this inspected when you notice any sounds. 

Soft Brake Pedal
Your brake pedal shouldn’t be too hard, but it also should not slide to the floor of your vehicle the moment you press on it. A soft brake pedal can be due to various issues. If the brake pads are worn, the brake pedal will feel spongy. However, in severe cases, the brake pedal may be soft due to air in the brake lines or a fluid leak. These problems will not resolve independently and, if neglected, can lead to complete brake failure. 

Vehicle Vibrations
If you’re pulling up to a stop and your vehicle starts vibrating, there may be a major problem. When the brake rotors are warped, you may notice vibrating through the brake pedal into the steering wheel. Warped brake rotors are concerning because your vehicle cannot create the necessary friction needed to slow your car without them.  

Brake Service and repair in Howell, MI

If you notice any of the above signs, don’t hesitate to reach out. Issues with your brake can stem from a variety of issues and, if neglected, can significantly impact the safety of your drive. Our shop is AAA approved and has professional ASE certified technicians available at three convenient locations. Mazur’s Total Automotive services the Howell, Pinckney, and South Lyon, MI community. 

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