6 Common Reasons Your Car Is Leaking Oil

Oil Change

You return to your parked car only to find a puddle of dark liquid underneath. Oil leaks are easy to spot. However, returning to an oil leak can be daunting—possibly the source of a significant issue. If an oil leak goes unrepaired, major damage can happen to the engine. There are several reasons a vehicle will leak engine oil; below are the six most common reasons. 

The Oil Filter is Bad.
Oil filters should be changed every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. Oil filters are usually changed during oil changes, but problems can occur if you neglect to do them. A dirty oil filter will not filter out oil pollutants. Additionally, if the oil filter was misplaced during an oil change, a leak may occur. 

The Drain Plug is Worn.
The drain plug is found at the bottom of the oil pan. It’s how automotive technicians drain the oil. If a drain plug is misaligned or worn down, oil can drip through it.  

The Oil Pan is Damaged.
If you’re driving off the road or on harsh road conditions, the underside of the vehicle can get knocked. If the oil pan gets hit, it can cause a hole, and oil can seep out. 

The Head Gasket is Blown.
Head gaskets can degrade over time. A blown head gasket will always seep oil. If damage to the head gasket is suspected, your vehicle should be inspected immediately. Additionally, the rubber material on the head gasket of older cars can decompose over time, resulting in a leak. 

The Engine Block is Cracked.
If you notice the front of your vehicle has a large amount of engine oil leaked at the bottom, there may be a crack in the engine block. Even a small crack in the metal mass can require significant repairs. 

The Filler Cap is Broken. 
An oil leak can be caused by an issue as small as a loose filler cap. If the cap continuously seeps oil even while the car is parked, check the filler cap. This is a simple fix, and a new oil filler cap is relatively inexpensive. 

Engine oil leak in Howell, MI 
If you notice an oil leak underneath your vehicle, do not hesitate to bring your vehicle into Mazur’s Total Automotive. Our automotive specialist would be happy to inspect your vehicle and determine the source of the leak. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions; we’d be happy to help.