Clunk-Clunk - You Hit a Bump!

You can certainly feel the aftermath of going over a speed bump, but what if you hear a clunking sound with it? Well, if you hear an unusual sound, it means there's something wrong with your suspension system. Since the suspension system includes various parts, any of them could be the issue. Here are the different areas we can check for you:


When your struts are the culprit, they will fail to perform their job. Sometimes, the housing for it may get dented, causing the shocks to pop in and out.

Shock Absorbers

The shock absorber is made to absorb the effects of the bumps. They are vital to ensuring your drive is as smooth as possible, but the downside is that they are prone to damage. If they get damaged, you will hear a tapping sound.

Spring Shackles

Leaf springs are commonly found on more oversized vehicles, such as trailers, trucks, vans, and SUVs, used in off-road conditions. Leaf springs may bend or break over time. When they do get broken, they will definitely produce a clunking sound.

Control Arms

Control arms are another aspect that can wear out and cause a weird noise. The wear and tear are accelerated if you frequently operate in off-road conditions. Aging control arms may also produce misaligned wheels and sometimes vibrations.

Ball Joints

Faulty ball joints make it more challenging for motorists to steer the vehicle in a straight line. When the housing of the ball joint comes off, it lets contaminants get into the joint, which can sometimes make sounds when the car moves. Sometimes, it may even be the broken ball itself making the clunking noise as it shifts.


If you recently hit a bump a little too hard and/or hear clunking noises when you drive, you should come into Mazur's Total Automotive for an inspection. Please give us a call or visit one of our convenient locations today.