How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Vehicle batteries are an essential part of the automobile. It provides the charge necessary to start your car, charge your phone, use your headlights, and more. Because it lends a hand in all these processes, it's essential to stay on top of your battery maintenance and know when to change it out.

How Long Do Vehicle Batteries Last?

On average, vehicle batteries last anywhere between 2 to 5 years. Many factors come into play to determine how long a battery can last. First, the weather in the environment you drive is a deciding factor, considering batteries weaken quicker in hot temperatures.

Warm weather can make the chemicals inside the battery evaporate, damaging the battery. That's why those who live in a warm or hot climate all year round tend to have to get their battery replaced quicker.

Besides temperature, proper care and maintenance can also improve your battery's longevity. If you practice these tips below, you can elongate the lifespan of your vehicle's battery:

  1. Limit short car rides - Too quick car rides can stop your battery from fully charging. 
  2. Tuck away your battery wires and ensure it is properly fastened and positioned - A loose battery can rattle around and get damaged. 
  3. Remember to turn off your car lights (for cars without auto light setting) - Accidentally leaving all your vehicle lights on overnight can be all it takes to kill your battery. Set a reminder, if you can, to turn these off before exiting your car. 
  4. Clean your battery terminals to prevent corrosion - The terminals are susceptible to corroding over time. To prevent the buildup from draining your battery, wipe your terminals down often.
  5. Test your battery regularly - These tests will help you manage expectations and help you keep up with the condition of your battery.
  6. Don't use too many electronics while idling (AC, radio, phone charger, etc.) 
  7. Get regular tune-ups - Maintenance is key to preserving your battery life.

Sooner or later, every car owner must replace their car battery. If you need your vehicle battery replaced, please bring your car to the experts at Mazur's Total Automotive.