How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced

Did you know that your vehicle braking system plays a vital role in your safety? Healthy brakes allow you to reduce your speed or stop to avoid an accident instantly. However, without proper maintenance of the break, you will miss the advantages of the breaks. Brake Pads are one of the brake components to check their health often. But, How Often Should You Replace Your Brake? Continue reading here to explore more;

Grinding Sound When Braking

Vehicle brakes are built-in metal wear indicators, making a loud sound upon applying pressure on the brake whose brake pads are worn out. Such sound indicates that this is the right time to replace the pads. If you ignore the sound, you might repair more damage.

Vibration When Braking

If the brake pads are unevenly worn out, you will feel vibrations upon applying pressure to the brake. Such vibration is a call to replace your brake pads. To avoid more damage and poor brake performance, visit a reliable auto repair shop.

Taking Longer To Stop

Brake performance is another sign to assist you establish when to replace your vehicle's brake pads. If you experience stoppage time when applying the brakes, your brake pads may be completely worn out, and thus, high time to replace them.

Thin Brake Pads

As excellent and dedicated drivers, always inspect the condition of their vehicles. If you find that your brake pads' thickness is less than ¼ inches, visit or contact a reliable brake pads replacement company.

Indicator Light Turns On

Worn-out brake sensors are installed in some car models. When the sensors are triggered due to worn out brake pads, the indicator lights turn on automatically. If you happen to see such light, visit the auto repair shop near you.

Final word

Hopefully, having gone through the above article, you can now tell how often you need to replace your brake pads. It's always good to maintain your vehicle in good condition for your safety and prevent more expensive damages. If you need brake repair, the recommendation is to bring your vehicle into Mazur's Total Automotive today.