Types of Unusual Vehicle Smells

Have you ever heard the term wake up and smell the roses? Well, the same can be said of your vehicle and the various scents that come from it. These are smells that are worth noting when they occur. They can be the sign something is wrong.

1. Does Your Car Smell Like Gas?

A gas smell can indicate a leak within the fuel system, which can lead to issues if ignored. Fuel injectors could be leaking, which can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and poor engine performance. 

2. Is There an Exhaust Smell in the Cabin?

Exhaust fumes can indicate a leak within the exhaust system, which usually happens behind the catalytic converter. It could be caused by a damaged muffler or exhaust pipe. You may also notice a rattling sound coming from under your vehicle around the muffler as well. 

3. Does it Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

A rotten egg smell is a sign that your catalytic converter is failing. The catalytic converter is crucial to your vehicle's exhaust system and ensures that harmful gases are converted into less harmful ones before they are released from your vehicle. A broken catalytic converter can be dangerous for the environment, and can also be dangerous to your health. 

4. Are You Smelling Burning Rubber?

When you smell this, it could mean that some parts of the engine have come loose, such as a hose. These parts can wiggle around and rub against hot engine parts. If so, it will cause a burning rubber smell. It can also be a tire or wheel alignment issue and should be inspected. 

Do you think you need a vehicle inspection performed to check out a strange smell? If so, bring your car to our licensed mechanics at our auto repair shop today!