What are the Symptoms of Dirty Fuel Injectors?

Ever felt like your car is losing power and becoming sluggish? This could be a result of a dirty fuel injector. You won't know for sure until a technician checks your car. But even before that, there are a few tale signs you can spot right away that may help you save your vehicle from damage. The following are some symptoms of a dirty fuel injector.

Symptoms of Dirty Fuel Injectors

As a car owner, it's easier to notice when your car is not performing optimally. As you enjoy your drive, keep an eye on the following;

  • Increased Fuel Consumption

Perhaps the first symptom will be that you will stop for gas more often. A dirty fuel injector will malfunction and result in unreliable signal decoding. The result is the fuel pump takes more pressured fuel from the reservoir. So next time you notice an increase in fuel consumption, it might be your fuel injector causing the damage,

  • "Check Engine" Illuminates

Checking the engine light is the most fundamental indicator of a dirty fuel injector. While the "Check Engine" light might indicate one of many things, a dirty fuel injector could be at the center of it. So get your car checked out.

  • Misfiring in the Combustion Chambers

A dirty fuel injector may cause your engine to misfire. You will notice vibrations because the delicate balance between air and fuel is disrupted. These vibrations are produced by higher pressures or temperatures created during the process.

  • The Car Won't Start

While there are many reasons a car may fail to start, don't rule out a dirty fuel injector. It is rare, but engine failures sometimes occur because of a disruption of the air and fuel combination. The fuel injector fails to deliver gas into appropriate cylinders, leading to inconvenience.

Fuel Injector Cleaning Solutions

It is always unfortunate when your car is not performing poorly. But it's always a good idea to sniff out the problem before it worsens. If you need fuel injection system cleaning, give our auto repair shop a call today!