What to Do When Your Engine Overheats

Every automobile situation can be unique, but a few common signs to be aware of when your engine overheats include steam and strange odors or smells coming from the car's front area. When your engine is overheating, it is common to see the engine temperature gauge in the driver console or dashboard moving into the gauge's red area or spiking to "H."

Whatever the sign, here is what you should do when you notice your engine overheating;

Turn On Your Heater

Turning on your vehicle's heater when the engine is overheating can aid in pulling heat away from the engine. Although this critical step does not solve the engine overheating problem completely, it lessens the burden on your engine's cooling system until you can pull your car over in a safe location. You will know this tip works when the temperature gauge returns to neutral, or the warning light goes off.

Pull Your Automobile Over in a Safe Place

Sometimes turning on your heater might not draw enough warmth away from the engine into the passenger compartment. So, what next? So, if your vehicle keeps overheating, pull over and switch off the engine. It's among the surest and safest ways to cool your engine. At this point, you can call for roadside assistance because your car may need towing.

Wait for 15 Minutes

You might not have roadside assistance. If that's the case, wait approximately fifteen minutes for your engine to cool. But NEVER open the hood before the fifteen minutes are over because the coolant may be over 230 degrees and you risk spraying yourself with steam or hot water.

Add Coolant

After waiting for around 15 minutes and the hood temperature is manageable, put on some gloves, open it, and locate the radiator cap. You might have to consult the owner's manual. Use a towel to cover the cap and slowly loosen it to release the built-up pressure before fully opening the radiator cap. Then slowly add coolant.

Bottom Line

Adding coolant helps you drive safely to your auto repair shop, where a professional will inspect your vehicle's cooling system. If you need engine repair, please give Mazur's Total Automotive a call today!