What Your Vehicle's Odd Sounds May Indicate

Automobiles are complex chunks of machinery, and it isn't unusual for their parts to malfunction naturally over time. Thankfully, many car problems can be detected using your senses. While it may be easy to neglect a dashboard warning light, it's hard to ignore a loud sound. Today, we will review the different noises your car may make that may signal a persisting issue.

Squealing/screeching from underneath

This type of sound is quite common, and we might hear it from other vehicles from time to time. When your car screeches or squeaks and correlates to brake pressure, it signifies that your brake pads have worn down. The noise is a product of the brake pad indicator rubbing against your brake rotor. You should have your brake pads replaced, stat!

Rattling coming from your wheel

If you hear a rattling sound coming from one or more of your tires, then it may indicate you have a loose bolt somewhere. This situation happens if one or more of your wheels are not tightened enough from a recent tire replacement. 

Squeaking sound when making turns 

If you hear a squeak whenever you turn your steering wheel, it usually means that your steering column or power steering is messed up. Or you may just need to add new and fresh power steering fluid, which is a simple fix! 

Knocking sound

When driving, a knocking sound can mean one of several things; One possibility behind this sound is misaligned connecting rods. On the other hand, it could also mean that you need an oil change; hence, it is called engine knocking. You're better off having this one inspected by a professional.


If you have issues getting to the bottom of your abnormal vehicle sound, please do not hesitate to call or visit Mazur's Total Automotive.