Why Is My Vehicle’s Front Seat Not Adjusting?

Power seats are such a convenient feature in our car that most people often overlook. They help by precisely adjusting our seats to reach the steering wheel and brake pedal comfortably. Most vehicles with this feature have controls for the driver's seat only; however, most modern cars also have power controls for the front passenger seat. If your power seats abruptly get broken, especially in a position that doesn't fit your body, it could be considered hazardous to drive. Many reasons can cause a power seat to fail:

  • Damaged Seat Controls. These are pushable switches or joysticks located at the side of the seat or on the door. Both places can be exposed to moisture or debris, which could cause the controls to stop working. 
  • Failing Electric Motor. The electric motor is what enables the power seat to move, and sometimes they fail. With years of usage, they can fall apart. The replacement of an electric motor is the ideal fix for this case.
  • Blown Fuses. A power seat is, after all, powered by electricity and all vehicle power systems have fuses. A professional technician can assess which fuse was blown and replace it. It is also critical to understand what caused the fuse to blow and address that problem too.
  • Damaged Wires. There are numerous wires tucked under the seats that move when you adjust the seat. Sometimes they get stretched, kinked, or ripped on accident. In a power seat failure, it may be a wiring harness that needs to be replaced.
  • Faulty Gears. Power seats usually have gears to support the seat's movement. In some circumstances, they have to be realigned or replaced.

Power Seat Repair in Michigan

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